Of the approximately 100 artists who are part of the residency programme in a season, some residency programmes and artists are presented here.

In Kooperation mit HELLERAU – Europäisches Zentrum der Künste vergibt das Musicboard Berlin im Jahr 2022 zwei dreiwöchige Inlandsresidenzen an Berliner Solomusiker:innen, Duos, Gruppen oder Bands aus dem popkulturellen, interdisziplinären Bereich. Die Residenzen in HELLERAU, Dresden bieten eine internationale, kollaborative und interdisziplinäre Arbeitsatmosphäre. Neben der Arbeit an eigenen künstlerischen Projekten bestehen Möglichkeiten der Vernetzung mit der lokalen Szene sowie weiteren Künstler:innen aus den Bereichen Tanz, Theater, Performance, Musik und Medienkunst des international ausgerichteten Residenzprogramms von HELLERAU. Die Residenzen in HELLERAU richten sich an Künstler:innen aller Sparten der Popmusik, das heißt aller Genres und Spielarten, die nicht eindeutig der klassischen und Neuen Musik oder dem Jazz zugeordnet werden können. Das umfasst auch jegliche Formen der genreübergreifenden und experimentellen Popmusik.

With #TakeHeart, the Performing Arts Fund is continuing its comprehensive funding measures within the framework of NEUSTART KULTUR – the rescue and future package for the cultural and media sector financed by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM). The aim of the new programme lines is to mitigate the effects of the Corona pandemic in the cultural sector, to promote the resumption of cultural life in Germany, and to provide artists with planning security and at the same time forward-looking perspectives for the development of the independent performing arts. 

The residency funding follows on from the previous scholarship-type funding programmes of the Fund and is aimed at independent artists, groups and people who work as curators in the independent performing arts. The aim is to sustainably stabilise, develop and strengthen for the future the connections to dance and theatre houses that are so important for many artists who have been working professionally for many years. 

In addition, graduates of artistic and art-scientific courses of study who have graduated since 2019, whose career entry has been made more difficult by the pandemic, are specifically targeted, as they are particularly dependent on the establishment of connections to artistic production venues and qualified support from these at the beginning of their artistic career in the independent performing arts.  

The #TakeHeart residency funding therefore focuses on all of these connections through the funding of residencies and promotes open-ended artistic work at around 40 production venues spread throughout the Federal Republic, which are united in three nationwide networks. These include the Alliance of International Production Houses. 

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The residency funding is a funding programme of the Bündnis internationaler Produktionshäuser e.V. within the framework of the programme Neustart Kultur: #TakeHeart supported by the Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V. and funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.


Boglárka Börcsök
2021/22 2019/20 Performance Installation Residenz
Charlotte Eifler #TakeHeart
2021/22 Performance Residenz
Community of Practice
2021/22 Residenz
Julia Riedler #TakeHeart
2021/22 Theater Performance Residenz
Julia*n Meding & Friederike Hirz #TakeHeart
2021/22 Performance Residenz
Kristina Dreit #TakeHeart
2021/22 Performance Residenz
Laura Immler
2021/22 Performance Installation Musik Residenz
Leonie Graf #TakeHeart
2021/22 Theater Tanz Residenz
2021/22 Residenz
Pawel Sakowicz
2021/22 Performance Installation Residenz
Pierre-Luc Lecours
2021/22 2020/21 Musik Digital Arts Residenz
Post-Organic Bauplan #TakeHeart
2021/22 Performance Residenz
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