HELLERAU is working on reducing barriers and thus creating further access for many people. Identifying barriers, naming them and removing them where possible is a long-term process. Please send your questions and suggestions by e-mail to In the following you will find information about our offers for a visit to HELLERAU that is as barrier-free as possible.


Severely disabled persons from 80 percent (GdB) and their accompanying person receive reduced admission. Please contact our visitor centre for this. In order to be able to plan the need for wheelchair places in good time, please book a ticket with the designation “Wheelchair”, which is available at all advance booking offices and on our website. Our visitor centre will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You can reach us at + 49 351 2646246 or


Boarding and deboarding is possible with the use of the ramp available in the railway. Please make sure that you get on at the first door. Line 8 operates in regular service with low-floor cars. There are two ways to reach the Festspielhaus HELLERAU by tram: Stop Festspielhaus Hellerau The subsoil at the “Festspielhaus Hellerau” stop is covered with gravel, which can restrict mobility for wheelchair users*. An approx. 6 cm high kerbstone and the busy main road must be crossed. There are no traffic lights. From the bus stop “Festspielhaus Hellerau” it is about 330 meters to the Festspielhaus. The path is partly uneven and not easy to roll on due to gravel surface. Here you find photos of the bus stop “Festspielhaus Hellerau”. Stop Heinrich-Tessenow-Weg To get to the Festspielhaus Hellerau from the “Heinrich-Tessenow-Weg” stop, follow the footpath along the main road in the direction of travel on the right-hand side of the road uphill. The distance from the bus stop to the Festspielhaus is 550 metres and is therefore longer than from the bus stop “Festspielhaus Hellerau”, but easier to walk. Here you find photos of the bus stop “Heinrich-Tessenow-Weg”.


On the premises of HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts there are sufficient parking spaces. There is a barrier-free car park on the left side of the site in front of the Visitor Centre. The distance from this car park to the ramp into the Festspielhaus is about 40 m. There is a bell by the car park, which you can ring if you need assistance. Another barrier-free car park is located in front of the last entrance to the west wing in the direction of the Festspielhaus.

The visitor centre is located in the building to the left of the Festspielhaus. There is a mobile ramp to ensure that access to our Visitor Centre is as barrier-free as possible. Our staff* will be happy to provide this ramp for you. There is also a bell at the entrance which you can use to contact our staff.

The Festspielhaus is accessible via a concrete ramp (width 140 cm) at the left side entrance. In the Festspielhaus The entire ground floor is barrier-free. The Great Hall, Nancy Spero Hall, Dalcroze Hall, the Music Room, the East Side Stage and the Pastamanufactory (doors every 210 cm wide) are easily accessible for wheelchair users*. The 1st floor of the Festspielhaus can only be reached via the staircases and is therefore not barrier-free. On the 1st floor are the Studio and the Ecksalon Ost as well as the Studio and the Ecksalon West. Barrier-free WC A barrier-free WC (door 101 cm wide) is located on the ground floor, Foyer West. The cabins of the remaining toilets have a width of 60 cm. Get to know the rooms To get an impression of our premises in advance, you can use our digital 360° view on our website to move around the grounds and rooms of the Festspielhaus and get your bearings in advance. HELLERAU outside HELLERAU Foyer HELLERAU Großer Saal HELLERAU Dalcroze-Saal HELLERAU Nancy-Spero-Saal


If you have any questions about the accessibility of individual pieces of our program, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please write questions that are important for your visit to The colleagues in charge will be happy to help you. Website To get an overview of events with special accesses, you can use our filter “barrier-free” in our schedule. In addition, the events are specially marked in the programme. Here you can find our programPermanent exhibition The permanent exhibition “HELLERAU – The Idea of the Gesamtkunstwerk” is located for the most part on the 1st floor of the Visitor Centre and can only be reached via the stairs and is therefore not barrier-free. The Werkbund and HELLERAU are trying to realize a digital version of the exhibition.