Joana Tischkau, Playblack, Foto: Michael Shaw
06.05. – 08.05.2021

Shoot or think!

Theatrical Invective in the Arts and Media

With Paul Plamper, Ingo Schulze, Kristin Marek und Adam Czirak, Martin Jörg Schäfer, Stefanie Wenner, Manuel Gerst (Monster Truck), Dirk Baecker, Sylvia Sasse, Jackie Thomae and Joana Tischkau

Shoot or think – in its incompatibility, this opposition seems to determine current events: Affective manipulation and disparagement have taken the place of rational debate and persuasion. For insults, shaming and slights, as counter-intuitive as this sounds, help us to identify with others and at the same time to distance ourselves. But this is not only true in the private context; entire societies and cultures are also structured through various forms of disparagement. Research on invective is dedicated to all the different phenomena and fields of public disparagement, for example in art and theater, in the legal system, on the internet, in TV shows, etc.

The performances, lectures and talks of the conference will deal with the invective mechanisms involved in the staging of self-assertions, affiliations and antagonisms, with the question of victims and perpetrators, and with the roles that are assigned or denied to us by society – but also with the aesthetic and media framings, the audience functions and dispositives that determine such stagings of invectivity.


Frames specify positions and points of view, they set the scene and make images. They not only enable reflection on the respective perspectives and meanings, but also on the associated power imbalances and interpretive sovereignties. With Kristin Marek (Professor of General Art History, HfBK Dresden) and Adam Czirak (Senior Lecturer at the Institute for Theater, Film and Media Studies, University of Vienna).


How can the positions of spectatorship and action, of audience and actors be mutually determined, distinguished from one another, and related to one another? What power of looking and acting is associated with the asymmetrical relationship of spectatorship in each case? With Martin Jörg Schäfer (Professor of Modern German Literature and Theater Research, University of Hamburg) and Stefanie Wenner (Professor of Applied Theater Studies and Production Dramaturgy, HfBK Dresden).


On stage, whether of theaters or state apparatuses, the risk of disparagement and unequal distribution of power is particularly high. This is because stage situations increase the visibility, ergo the height of fall and the vulnerability of their voluntary and involuntary protagonists. With Dirk Baecker (Professor of Cultural Theory and Management, University of Witten/Herdecke) and Sylvia Sasse (Professor of Slavic Literary Studies, University of Zurich).


On the basis of two current novels, from the perspective of different generations and their political (Eastern) legacies, the focus is on questions about the social and historical conditions of self-understanding and xenophobia, of life paths and changes of sides.

Ingo Schulze: Die rechtschaffenen Mörder (2020)
Ingo Schulze was born in Dresden in 1962 and lives in Berlin. He has received awards for numerous of his books, such as “Simple Storys” (1998) or “Neue Leben” (2005), this year with the Art Prize of the state capital Dresden.
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Jackie Thomae: Brüder (2019)
Jackie Thomae, born in Halle in 1972, grew up in Leipzig and Berlin, and works as a journalist and television writer. “Brüder” is her second novel, for which she received the Düsseldorf Literature Prize in 2020.
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Artistic supporting program

Strangers & Ghosts – Lecture by Paul Plamper, More Info
The jump – audio play by Paul Plamper, More Info
Strategies of Overaffirmation in the Works of Monster Truck – Video Lecture with Manuel Gerst (Monster Truck), More Info
Joana Tischkau: PLAYBLACK – The Blackest Back Show, More Info

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