PLAYBLACK – The Blackest Black Show

Joana Tischkau

Livestream from HELLERAU with artist talk Joana Tischkau & Team (Moderation: Patience Amankwah) afterwards

Performance online

In her performance PLAYBLACK, Joana Tischkau explores notions of representation by hijacking Mareijke Amado’s Mini Playback Show format, which became popular in the 90s, and bringing it to the theater stage. The performance scrutinizes, exposes and debunks racist and sexist images of non-white musicians:in pop music through precise strategies of drag and playback (lipsyncing). In the Corona version, PLAYBLACK now makes the opposite attempt: instead of bringing a TV show to the theater stage, the studio situation on stage is now transferred to a casting show that reaches the audience:inside at home via live stream. During a short residency, the source material will be tapped with regard to the new digital format, supplemented with new scenes and merged into a new show experiment – “The Blackest Black Show”. Magic ball coming home (again). Let’s stay excited!

See, it’s not about races
Just places
Where your blood comes from
Is where your space is
I’ve seen the bright get duller
I’m not gonna spend my life being a color

Michael Jackson ‘Black or White

Joana Tischkau dances. One of her first memories is the moment she danced to Kaoma’s 1989 hit Lambada at a children’s birthday party. This experience moved her to enroll in the dance school next door for jazz dance, street dance and video clip dancing.

She later studied dance and acting at Coventry University in the UK, and choreography and performance at the Institute of Applied Theatre Studies. Her artistic practice is a hybrid jumble that allows the writings of bel hooks to meet beatboxing, creating a fitness workout out of white movement material and paying homage to Roberto Blanco as King Black of German Entertainment. PLAYBLACK is her master graduation production.

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Artist talk Joana Tischkau & Team (Moderation: Patience Amankwah) afterwards on 07.05.

The talk will take place here via Zoom. 
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