Fremde & Geister

Lecture by Paul Plamper

Gespräch online
WESTDEUTSCHER RUNDFUNK KÖLN Paul Plamper - Hörspielmacher, Autor und Regisseur © WDR/Thomas Kierok, honorarfrei - Verwendung gemäß der AGB im Rahmen einer engen, unternehmensbezogenen Berichterstattung im WDR-Zusammenhang bei Nennung "Bild: WDR/Thomas Kierok" (S1), WDR Presse und Information/Bildkommunikation, Köln, Tel: 0221/220 -7132 oder -7133, Fax: -777132,

With a view to the themes of ‘construction of the foreign’ and ‘invective’, radio playwright Paul Plamper provides insights into his Fremde & Geister trilogy [using audio samples and visual material]. It began in 2015 at the Museumsquartier Wien with FUTURE DEALERS, an audio installation about two Afronauts from the future. “Colorblind” to skin tones, they take a look at the retarded Europeans of the 21st century. With DIENSTBARE GEISTER followed in 2017 at the Ruhrtriennale, among others, a project about the connection between colonial history and migration. In the third part of the trilogy, an actor from Cameroon seeks the “ABSPRUNG”. He has come to Leerstadt with an international theater ensemble to make theater in the shrinking city. This went well for a few years, until the so-called “refugee crisis”…

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