Reading by Jackie Thomae

Jackie Thomae, Autorin, Berlin

Reading with follow-up discussion (moderated by Lars Koch).

Two men. Two possibilities. Two lives. Jackie Thomae asks the question of how we become the people we are. Mick, a charming has-been, lives a life in the passenger seat, free of obligations. And he’s lucky – until the woman he cheated on for years leaves him. Gabriel, who never knew his parents, is free to make of himself what he will: a successful architect, a die-hard Londoner, a family man. But then he loses his nerve in a trivial situation and suddenly finds himself the aggressor – a prominent man who falls low. Brüder tells of two German men, born in the same year, children of the same father, who has left them only his dark skin. The questions they face are the same. Their lives could not be more different.

Jackie Thomae, born in Halle in 1972, grew up in Leipzig and Berlin, and works as a journalist and television writer. In 2015, her debut novel Momente der Klarheit was published. With her second novel, Brüder, she was shortlisted for the 2019 German Book Prize and awarded the 2020 Düsseldorf Literature Prize. She lives in Berlin.

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