HELLERAU – Accessible

HELLERAU accessible gathers measures to increase the accessibility of the listed architecture as well as the artistic programme in HELLERAU for communities with and without disabilities.

These formats are motivated by a cross-departmental process to remove barriers in HELLERAU, in which an attempt is made to dismantle overdue barriers on all levels (communication, architecture/technology, programme). The aim is to dovetail the different areas of application well and to make them future-oriented and sustainable through innovative solutions.

In the following, measures are listed that will be realised from January to July 2022 within the framework of HELLERAU accessible.

COMMUNICATION: Website (simple language, DGS, audio, moving image)

In addition to the website with information on accessibility, basic information blocks were translated into simple language. In parallel, a video with sound in simple language and German sign language explains how to use the website. In addition, a structural trailer with DGS, spoken language and subtitles in simple language illustrates the location of the Festspielhaus as well as routes, barriers and processes (ticketing, cloakroom, etc). These realisations were made possible with the help of funding from the Dresden Communication Offensive and the Federal Cultural Foundation, as well as through cooperation with VERSO, who specialise in appropriate measures in feedback with addressed community representatives.

Contents in simple language

2 ARCHITECTURE, TECHNOLOGY: Tactile Floor Plan, Acoustic Guidance System, VISOR Boxes + App

In order to increase orientation within the Festspielhaus and reduce physical barriers, a tactile floor plan was developed, which not only makes it possible for blind people to experience routes and the spatial structure in the foyer and side wings, but also gives a wider audience useful clues to the architectural structure and programmatic allocation of space.

Based on these tactile stations, an acoustic guidance system is used, which was developed by Dr. Blüher (German Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired) and is now being used for the first time in a cultural institution. An app provides directions for people, which in turn can trigger acoustic signals at more than 30 Bluetooth boxes in the building and enable blind people to move around the building on their own. The boxes can be used flexibly, taking into account the protection of historical monuments. In addition, it is possible to react to various artistic concepts and room arrangements.

More about visor Apps 

3.1 PROGRAMME: Tactile Guidance and Live Audio Description (AD).

By offering events with AD, as many people as possible can perceive contemporary developments within the performing arts on current issues of the day together. At HELLERAU, audio description is currently being realised together with Gravity Access Services, a programme by choreographer Jess Curtis. With specially trained choreographers, he offers services to make live performances more accessible with different sensory modalities and physical conditions. These include live and recorded AD or pre-performance haptic tours. Since January 2022, six performances have been offered with AD.

Example Audioflyer

3.2 PROGRAMME: Relaxed Performance

For HELLERAU, the demand for inclusivity requires the promotion of artists:with disabilities with a focus on their artistic quality. In July 2022, HELLERAU presented the first Relaxed Performance in Saxony, “Difference” by Wagner Moreira, in cooperation with the Landesbühnen Sachsen. Thanks to funding from the German Federal Cultural Foundation, the ensemble was mixed-abled and the project was designed to be as barrier-free as possible with the involvement of different communities.

More infos about “Difference”