Danceworkshop Until our Hearts Stop

The workshop is already fully booked.


The dancers Maria Scaroni and Claire Sobottke perform a wild, queer duet in which they play with each other’s bodies and, in a chain reaction of stunts, produce ever new associations, images, puzzles and shared fantasies.
Based on their duet, the two performers and choreographers offer a workshop for local dance and performance artists, in which a space for touch, voice and physical states is to be created. Participants will be invited to treat their bodies as material, to explore their organic functions, cultural implications and spiritual potential. Maria Scaroni uses techniques such as Qi Gong and Pranayama, improvisation and trance exercises to better understand and question the boundaries of the body: its diverse codes and structures as well as its stubborn needs and desires. Claire Sobottke understands the voice as the place and motor that creates dance and movement. By fragmenting, deconstructing and intensifying the voice, she explores hyperphysical possibilities of singing, which can themselves become a form of dancing.