Bandstand: Listen to live music

The Saxon music scene on the stages of the Festspielhaus

2023/24 Bandstand Musik Konzert Sonderformat

Ready for a frenzy of electronic sounds, pop, rock and alternative music? Representatives of the regional music scene bring new sounds and music projects to the stage and once again make the Festspielhaus rattle, vibrate, resound and light up. We say: Clear the stage for Bandstand!

La Rey and Miss Hyde tell personal stories with charming feelgood boom bap, admitting fears and vulnerabilities and not shying away from addressing the big issues in society and politics.

Far Beyond is a metal band from Dresden that has been making a name for itself on the city’s stages for some time now, creating hard walls of sound. 

Betti Laila and Alexander Galani is a singer-songwriter duo that presents a mix of styles from indie, alternative and harmonic to slightly psychedelic songs on guitar, piano and vocals. Hangry play feminist punk rock, while Oh Nico transforms the stage into a polyphonic orchestra as a one-man band. 

Dry Skin (formerly I’m Your Stalker) are a four-piece synth-pop-wave ensemble and raise the Korg and Roland high into the stratosphere.

In The Shna, on the other hand, two-part vocals meet drums and bass – sounds like grunge, indie, pop, riot grrl and some of their own inventions. 

Alina Dalsegno and band are inspired by the rocking 60s and seek the same boundless freedom in music and art.

And somewhere between ambient jazz and psychedelic, progressive krautrock, an entire landscape wanders across the stage: Hokke Ten Hokke.

In addition to these outstanding musical moments, Max Rademann brings gold pieces from his record collection and places musical delicacies on the turntable while he portrays his listeners. A Wishlist of the very select kind.

More interested in animated films? Jens Rosemann is happy to show them and draw the cineastes’ emotions as a souvenir to take home.

With the help of the cards, Josef Panda, self-proclaimed charlatan and light pioneer, provides support with life’s big and small questions. His clairvoyant statements are based on the reading of cards from a sophisticated deck of hand-picked stock photos – Trash Tarot can help you tread the path of confidence. However, all statements are without guarantee. 

POPISTERRORon the other hand, comes as a cheerful mishmash, almost like a flashy snapshot of the weird present – it is possible to gallop immersively towards pop.

In the constant trot through the house in search of new music and further attractions, the distribution point for shots is clearly visible and yet hidden in the ticket booth

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