KLIMAFEST originates from the home made climate conference, which GASTSTUBE is showing on 03.07. as a prelude to Cool Down. While the home made climate conference creates a personal, discursive space, KLIMAFEST seeks the next step: acting in community as a ritual of transitions and the vulnerable possibility of pleasure.  

In preparation for the climate festival on 09.07., three interventions will take place at different places in Dresden.


11:00 Uhr – 13:00 Uhr: Albertplatz

13:00 Uhr – 15:00 Uhr: Postplatz


11:00 Uhr – 13:00 Uhr: Altpieschen (square by the ice cream van)

13:30 Uhr – 15:30 Uhr:  Löbtau (Shopping Area)


11:00 Uhr – 13:00 Uhr: TU Dresden (in front of the old refectory on Mommsenstrasse)

13:00 Uhr – 15:00 Uhr: Bürgerwiese (near Dresden Lennéplatz tram)


11:00 Uhr – 15:00 Uhr: Markt Hellerau


Duration: 4 hrs.
Language: German

With the kind support of the HELLERAU Residency Programme


GASTSTUBE° is the meeting place of the three artists Beatrice Fleischlin, Andreas Liebmann and Nicolas Galeazzi and their artistic questions. They are driven by the need and desire to invent new forms of pleasure in the context of the climate crisis that are not based on exploitative conditions. GASTSTUBE° wants time and space to performatively explore being together.