Agata Siniarska – Performance 2018/19

Discipline/Genre: Performance/Installation 

Project in HELLERAU: Second Nature The starting point for this piece is the life of Pola Nireńska, a Polish Jew, dancer and choreographer (1910 – 1992). In the USA, where Pola immigrated after a long odyssey, she became one of the formative figures of modern dance. Although she always managed to escape the grip of anti-Jewish groups, the Holocaust still shaped her whole life, up to her suicide in 1992. The Polish artists Agata Siniarska in collaboration with Karolina Grzywnowicz develop a very personal performance dealing with the historical background as representatives of a younger generation. In their examination of nature, its healing powers, symbols and dangers, they show a radical, contemporary meditation on the genocide trauma that followed Pola Nireńska throughout her life. 

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Agata Siniarska Interview in our HELLERAU-Magazin