HYBRID – Arts in the Digital Age

At the beginning of the 20th century HELLERAU was founded as a joint project of industry, research, and art and as a response to industrialization and changes in working and living conditions. More than 100 years later, HYBRID, a new international platform, a laboratory, an experimental and discursive space for the arts in the Digital Age in the wake of critical phases of global transformation processes, is being established at HELLERAU.

For the launch of HYBRID, a joint festival of digital art and electronic music was presented for the first time in cooperation with MUTEK: HYBRID – CUTTING EDGE CANADA. Originally, this event was planned for March 2020, but due to circumstances it could only take place in 2021 and almost exclusively online. For four days, from March 11-14, 2021, audiovisual performances on virtual stages, an interactive gallery and a listening room with a non-stop program from the archives of the MUTEK festival in Montreal, as well as a virtual after-show party at objekt klein a were presented to thousands of international online guests.

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