HYBRID BOX – Modular Gallery for Digital Arts

HYBRID Box is a new modular gallery that presents experimental and interdisciplinary art by local and international artists.

24.03. – 07.05. opera – a future game – Michael v. zur Mühlen/Köck/Miotk

“opera – a future game” is an interactive, digital music theater video game essay in a game engine, based on the opera “opera opera! revenants&revolutions” directed by Michael zur Mühlen, with music by Ole Hübner and texts by Thomas Köck.  

The narrative starting situation could hardly be more topical: Far in the future and after a severe catastrophe, a choir with partial amnesia finds itself in conversation with itself and a cyborg. Hauntings, individual as well as collective memories of real and longed-for events rise from their cloudy memories. Suddenly they find themselves in the desolate cultural landscape of an abandoned and decaying opera stage, and the choir thinks it finally knows who it is: a rebellious choir in the middle of a Grand Opéra that is said to have sparked a revolution and the founding of Belgium in 1830. Where to put these historical turning points and utopian longings in the face of a present that thinks of the future only as catastrophe?

For the opening of the experimental video game installation on 24.03.23 in the HYBRID Box, the first game of the experimental video game installation will be played live in the large hall in front of and with the audience as a scenic gaming performance together with the author Thomas Köck. 

Duration of the installation: 24.03. – 07.05., one hour before and after the events in the Festspielhaus.

In the context of the 31st Dresden Contemporary Music Days.

A cooperation of the NRW KULTURsekretariat and the Next Level Festival for Games with HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts

Game design, direction and animation: Michael v. zur Mühlen 
Space and set design: Martin Miotk
Music: Ole Hübner
Text: Thomas Köck 
Camera and editing: Stefan Bischoff
Sound design: Martin Recker and Paul Hauptmeier

Developed in cooperation with LEFX GmbH from Leipzig 

With image and sound recordings by Michael Taylor, Robert, Michael Zehe, Halle Opera Choir, Halle Opera Children’s and Youth Choir, Halle State Orchestra.
MDR KLASSIK production of excerpts from the opera, September 2020 in Halle.
Musical direction: Michael Wendeberg
Sound engineer: Michael Leverkus

The underlying work “opera, opera, opera! revenants&revolutions” is a composition and libretto commissioned by the City of Munich for the Munich Biennale, co-production of the Munich Biennale with the Halle Opera 2020-2022.

HYBRID establishes a new international platform for the arts in the digital age and critical phases of global transformation processes, funded within the framework of the Alliance of International Production Houses by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

Federal Government for Culture and the Media.

HYBRID Box is a project in cooperation with HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts and PYLON curated by PYLON with the support of GRAFT Architects.

Technical direction: Tobias Blasberg

Production management: Michael Lotz



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