Exchange of expertise

Contemporary Dance for a young audience

With Uta Meyer (production manager Explore Dance/K3 Tanzplan Hamburg), Ulrike Leßmann (chief dramaturge/tjg Dresden) and Tabea Martin (artist/choreographer, inquired)
Moderation: Nicole Aurich (KOST Cooperation School and Theatre in Saxony)


How can a young audience and its attendants be introduced to contemporary dance? What are the special features of artistic and production work for this target group? How does this work differ from other contemporary productions? What kind of viewing habits do they have to deal with? And why is artistic work for young audiences in Germany often still so strictly separated from other contemporary projects?

Within the framework of the festival “Watch Out!” we want to examine these questions from different perspectives.

Guests are Uta Meyer (production manager Explore Dance/Tanzpakt Hamburg), Ulrike Leßmann (chief dramaturgist/tjg Dresden) and Tabea Martin (artist/choreographer, inquired).

The discussion will be moderated by Nicole Aurich (KOST – Initiative for Cultural Education and Theatre in Saxony).

The programme is aimed at theatre colleges, artists, teachers and multipliers in the field of contemporary dance and contemporary art in general.