04.03. – 07.03.2020

Watch Out!

Festival for all ages

Program Download With Watch Out! HELLERAU presents a playground for the young and the elderly. All spectators are invited to see, experience and get to know dance, theatre and performance for families. On show are pieces by internationally renowned choreographers who work in a contemporary and entertaining way for all generations. The dance performance “Pink for Girls and Blue for Boys” by Swiss choreographer Tabea Martin is pure theatre magic. Wrapped up in a large, colourful spectacle, Martin playfully and entertainingly approaches a topic that is enormously important for children and adolescents: the sexes and their (sometimes absurd) attributions. Jetse Batelaan and Theater Artemis from the Netherlands are aimed at self-confident young people. Their play “(……) A play that doesn’t give a damn that its title is vague” reflects loudly, incredibly cool and super funny today’s attitude towards life. Artistically, “FACE NORD” is performed by the French circus company Un loup pour l’homme. The four acrobats not only show breathtaking lifting figures and tricks. Above all, they also show how closely a group can work together and how each individual – woman or man – can carry the others. With their own stage, the Belgian artist* of Post Uit Hessdalen travelled to Dresden. In their truck, “Pakman” invites the audience to a circus performance that is as entertaining as it is amazing. Throughout the entire duration of Watch out! the Dresden artist Magdalena Weniger offers less space to romp and linger. With her help, the Nancy Spero Hall in the Festspielhaus becomes a place for fun, games and excitement. The successful duo Klappheck & Böhme makes EVERYONE dance at the “Bring Your Mom” disco.