Where to go with history?


The Germand-Danish documentary film “Where to go with history?” looks at the urbanistic handling of history and its influence on the political development of a society. To what extent is the shift to the right in Dresden related to the reconstruction after 1990? Did the urban reconstruction work as an attempt to heal strengthen the victim myth in the city and thus pave the way for a movement like Pegida? Through interviews with protagonists from urban planning and politics, the film pursues this thesis. It does not primarily aim to judge, but rather to show new views and perspectives on how the urban planning dilemma and the hardened positions associated with it could be resolved.

24. – 27.09.2020 Premiere
Schlachthof 5 (UA) based on the novel by Kurt Vonnegut
Maxim Didenko, Vladimir Rannev, Johannes Kirsten, AJ Weissbard, AuditivVokal Dresden (RU/DE)
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