TRIO. For the beauty of it

La Fleur

2023/24 Dance Together Tanz Kulturpass

For once, don’t explain anything with words, but experience self-empowerment in physical movement: That is essentially the approach of this trio, in which three dancers share the stage: Alex Mugler comes from the New York voguing scene. He mixes spiritual, sexualized and abstract expressions – both in ballet shoes and high heels. Carlos Martinez, on the other hand, has learned from scratch how to create dramaturgical moments of togetherness: he grew up in Mexico’s sonidero culture, where touring sound systems keep dance fans entertained with the latest songs. The third dancer, Ordinateur, moves his feet with such precision that he has earned the nickname Magic Feet. Coupé Décalé is the name of the style originally developed by the Ivorian diaspora in Paris, which Ordinateur has helped to shape to this day. The encounter between the three dancers and their dance styles develops into a rousing dance piece in which the audience also gets its money’s worth.