01. – 11.05.2024 Dance Together

At a time when communities and their values are coming under increasing pressure in local and (inter)national contexts, HELLERAU is celebrating contemporary dance in its various manifestations and facets as a community-building practice with the “Dance Together” festival – both in the Festspielhaus and in the Kulturgarten, on the forecourt and in the garden city of Hellerau. “Dance Together” creates special encounters and forms of togetherness between artists and visitors.

Today the field of dance includes contemporary ballet, dance theater, urban dance and site-specific forms as well as mixed dance formats, contemporary circus, digital dance formats and even adaptations of folk dance, rituals and customs. But dance also plays an important role in everyday life for many people. In clubs and associations, people dance in pairs or in groups for the fun of doing it together, out of enthusiasm for the energy inherent in dance or for physical and mental well-being.

With the 10-day festival “Dance Together”, HELLERAU explores the space that dance occupies in everyday life and togetherness. HELLERAU brings together a broad spectrum of dance forms that deliberately focuses on the juxtaposition of stage arts, participatory dance and performance formats. In addition to international productions, almost forgotten folk dances and local popular social dances can also be experienced. What all the productions have in common is that they each tell of the search for and discovery of communities in their own way.

Let’s dance together!

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Today:  Wed 19.06.2024