HELLERAUmoves: All Levels

with La Fleur

2023/24 Dance Together Workshop

A unique opportunity for dance enthusiasts to learn from the best: For the production “TRIO – For the Beauty of It” by La Fleur, the two dancers and choreographers Alex Mugler (New York) and Carlos Martínez (Mexico City) will be our guests. The two pros will also be offering a 2-hour workshop as part of their production.

Participants will receive insights and instructions for popular dance styles: contemporary dance, voguing or Latin style. Previous knowledge is not necessary. Please bring comfortable clothing.

Duration: ca. 2 h
Language: English

This workshop is fully booked!

For any questions or further information, get in contact with: workshop@hellerau.org

Carlos Gabriel Martinez, born in Mexico, is a contemporary dancer who studies and practices Sonidero, High Energy and Reggaeton, Mexican urban dances born from a wide mixture of American, Latin American, European and African cultures. He has 20 years of experience in artistic research in contemporary stage processes. His main interest is the exploration of the social body, analyzing identity and corporeality as key elements for the reflection of cultural contexts. Collaborations with various international groups have taken Martinez to 19 different countries. He has been working with La Fleur since 2016.

Alexander Mugler, born in New York, choreographs, interprets and dances Vogueing, a dance style that emerged in the ballrooms of New York’s queer subculture in the early 1960s. Alexander Mugler’s expertise, which ranges from ballet shoes to high heels, is reflected in intense, virtuosic and hybrid performances characterized by an extensive vocabulary of abstract, energetic and sexually charged movements. Mugler has collaborated with numerous artists such as Rihanna, FKA Twigs, Rita Ora and Lindsay Lohan. Mugler has been performing for La Fleur since 2019.