Still Untitled@Tanzkongress2019 – Xavier Le Roy and Scarlet Yu

A work of art for the public space

A work of art for the public space is developed from the workshops “Embody your Dance” at 11am and “Make it Public” at 3pm | max. 20 participants/day | no previous knowledge required

Workshop Performance

„Still Untitled@Tanzkongress2019 develops out of two workshops into an artwork for the public space. The first workshop „Embody your Dance“ and the second workshop „Make it Public“ both take place on the same day for 2 hours each. From both parts the artwork for the public space is developed.

Still Untitled was first developed for Skulptur Projekte Münster in 2017. It’s an artwork for public spaces that takes the form of sculptures embodied and presented by human beings to human beings. It is something to be shared by anyone, anywhere, any time throughout and beyond the exhibition in Münster.

For Still Untitled@Tanzkongress2019 Xavier Le Roy, Scarlet Yu, and the Still Untitled team continue the exploration of making an artwork for public spaces involving the performance of live actions in the frame of Tanzkongress 2019. This time, instead of looking for sculptures to embody, Still Untitled will look for your own dance to be embodied and made public.

The Still Untitled team invites the participants to engage in two consecutive workshops that examine the relationship between live art in relation to time and public space. The work unfolds through these workshops and the possible encounters in public spaces. It also has the potential to go viral like a rumor.

11 am | Embody Your Dance
Through dialogue and movement guided by the Still Untitled@Tanzkongress2019 team the participants will embody their own dance and develop conversations triggered by a question. These elements will be the materials of the composition that will develop during the next workshop.

3 pm | Make it Public
Using the material developed during the first workshop, the group discusses how to make it public and how to share their compositions with anyone, anywhere, at any time. Participation in “Embody your Dance” is required.

08.06. 2019 | Feedback Session (open to participants and the public)
A feedback session to share experiences or curiosity and to discuss how Still Untitled can develop further past its presence at Tanzkongress 2019.