Stammtisch ManifÖST

Manifesto for an Ecological-Social Transformation in the Performing Arts

Gespräch Kulturgarten 2021/22
Foto: CCS IV

In an open discussion Konstanze Grotkopp and Lutz Hofmann will inform about ManifÖST, a catalogue of demands and recommendations to make the artistic operation of the performing arts socially and ecologically sustainable in the long term, and invite to think together about the implementation of ManifÖST’s goals.

ManifÖST supports already existing demands and goals and builds on their experiences. It contains the following nine areas and fields of action:

  • Knowledge, further education, counselling and training
  • Open cultural policy structural process
  • Funding
  • Enabling sustainable artistic production methods / working conditions
  • Buildings, energy consumption and energy refurbishment
  • Material cycles and waste management
  • Mobility
  • Catering
  • Knowledge co-production, transfer and communication

 More informations

ManifÖST came into being through “Performing for Future”. Performing for Future – Netzwerk Nachhaltigkeit in den Darstellenden Künsten” brings together a variety of different professional groups and thrives on the activities of committed actors from municipal, state and national theatres, theatres and venues of the independent scene, freelance actors and festival organisers.