Speaking figures

mit Max Greyson

Workshop 2021/22

The ‘Speaking figures’ masterclass is a development of the principles of aesthetics of access, or the artistic integration of methods for accessibility. How do we make a body audible and sayable, how do rhythm and sound become a form of movement, how can text become a visual body? Our creation starts from multi-disciplinarity and the balance between different forms of performing arts: movement, text and rhythm. The individual is a starting point, the group is our destination.

Everything starts with space. We search for a language to make ourselves present and become recognizable to others in that same space, even if we are invisible. We develop a language that is ours, no matter how we move or sound. We discover through instant-composition, description and reflection, aiming not necessarily to be understood, but to be perceived.

For 6 – 15 “professionals” and interested persons free of charge with pre-registration to workshop@hellerau.org.

english language

Duration: 3 hrs.


Max Greyson (1988) is a poet, theater writer and spoken word performer from Antwerp, Belgium. He is an artistic member of the Un-Label Performing Arts Company, which produces international dance theatre productions. In 2015 he became vice-champion at the Dutch National Championships of Poetry Slam, receiving acclaim as the lyrical poet and the innovator of phrases. A year after, his debut collection of poems Madness doesn’t settle was published. In 2019 his second collection of poems Et alors came out and in 2021 he presented his novel debut A probable coïncidence, all published by De Arbeiderspers.

Max Greyson is the artistic director of ARType vzw, an organization that features the music theatre collective Voyeurs. Their second music theatre production Voyeurs in BXL premiered in 2019. As from 2019 he holds a position as artistic researcher at the Antwerp Royal Conservatoire. His projects ArtInAD and Speaking Figures are artistic research projects for integrated audio-description for the blind and visually impaired in music theatre and contemporary dance.