Palina Dabravolskaja

Belarus 2021/22 Musik Performance

The sound drama “SarmaTY/JA” is a musical one-woman performance that combines folk music and hiphop. It refers to the poem of the same name by the Belarusian author Maryia Martysevich, in which a heroine struggles to survive in exile. A tragic story of the impossibility of putting down roots in a foreign land.

Palina Dabravolskaya graduated from acting studies at the Belarusian State Academy of Arts in 2017. Her directorial debut “The Room is Dying” (Mikita Ilyinchik) was selected in the top 10 best Belarusian performances of 2019. Under the name CHORNABROVA, she moves as a singer at the intersection of alternative hip-hop and folklore. In 2021 she left Belarus because of possible political persecution.

Music/performance, Belarusian with English subtitles

Duration: 1 hr. 10 min.

During the performance, there are lights and footage that can shock people suffering from photosensitive epilepsy. Increased noise level; Total darkness; Stroboscope; Possibility of early boarding 

“SarmaTY/JA” was created as part of the Grotowski Institute’s residency program for theater groups and individual artist:s in November 2021.