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RUNDFUNK | Ensemble Mosaik | Enno Poppe & Georgia Koumará



2021 with the world premiere of “Delineated in black and white, caught or scattered, the letters Dance” by Georgia Koumará at HELLERAU.

“Delineated in black and white, caught or scattered, the letters Dance”. 

Attention. This is the Berlin broadcasting station. In the Vox building. On wave 400 meters. Ladies and gentlemen! We would like to inform you that today the entertainment broadcasting service will start broadcasting music performances by wireless telephone. The use of this service is subject to approval.

Georgia Koumará, born in 1991 in Thessaloniki, Greece studied composition in Cologne and in Thessaloniki with Johannes Schöllhorn, Michael Beil, Michalis Lapidakis and Panagiotis Kokkoras, among others.
Master classes with, among others, G. Aperghis, B. Ferneyhough, B. Furrer, F. Bedrossian, W. Rihm, O. Neuwirth, Ph. Manoury, A. Posadas, G. F. Haas, P. Billone, H. Thomalla, R. Cendo, J.S. Chiong, J. Walsche, J. M. Lopez Lopez expand their musical education.Their music has been performed in Greece, Germany, Austria, Spain, Great Britain, Italy, Holland, France and Switzerland and New York among others.At festivals such as Festival Now! Essen, Tectonics Athens, ECLAT Festival, Gaudeamus Musiekweek, Wittener Tage für Kammermusik, New Talents Biennale Cologne, Thessaloniki’s Piano Festival, Musica Festival Strasbourg, Lucerne Academy Festival, Acht Brücken-Musik für Köln, con:temporaries/ ZKM, Wiener Konzerthaus and broadcast on German, Austrian, Dutch and Greek radio.

Her music has been performed by by the WDR Symphony Orchestra, the Orchestra of the Cologne University of Music and Dance, ascolta Ensemble, Ensemble Musikfabrik, mosaik Ensemble, Kollektiv3:6Koeln, Ensemble Inverspace, FontanaMIX Ensemble, Mannes Ensemble, Ensemble S201, Ensemble Babylon, Schallfeld Ensemble, Divertimento Ensemble,Ensemble Kluster5, ensemble hand werk, International Ensemble Modern Academy Ensemble (IEMA), Ensemble Platypus, KammerMusik für Köln, Lucerne Academy Alumni Ensemble, Greek Contemporary Musik Ensemble, DissonArt Ensemble.

The artistic-philosophical consideration of sound and the choreography of musical gesture characterize the work of Georgia Koumará. In her compositions Koumará explores the concept of time from a phenomenological and ontological perspective. Thus, she explores the metamorphosis of texture and rhythm in relation to the temporal perception of listeners and performers. The incorporation of spatial, acoustic and visual particularities of the respective performance space, as well as the inspiration by and the close collaboration with various artists shape her works.  Since 2014 she lives and works as a freelance composer and artist in Cologne.


For Enno Poppe, composing means taking apart. In “Rundfunk” he deconstructs historical sounds from the 1960s and 1970s such as FM synthesis, Minimoog or pig organ and reassembles them with ensemble mosaik. Nine computers and nine keyboards are used as instruments.

“Composing means taking apart. In RUNDFUNK I use historical sounds, not historical instruments. Nine computers and nine keyboards are used as instruments. The sound is deconstructed and reassembled. The piece consists of thousands of atoms. The music is analytical-emphatic. It is assembled in the laboratory. When I compose, I wear a white coat. At the moment when I no longer understand what is happening, art is created. The beauty lies in the overtaxing.” – Enno Poppe

“In the wild 55 minutes, it goes sonically into maddening heights and depths. Those who have heard the piece more often thanks to its Europe-wide festival tour were able to enjoy the ensemble’s ever more grooved-in playing – a pleasant change in the new music business that often doesn’t go beyond the premiere.” – Katja Heldt, positionen, May 2019

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