Porträtkonzert Giuseppe Sinopoli

Sächsische Staatskapelle Dresden

Duration: ca. 75 minutes

Musik online

The event cannot take place as planned due to the current Corona measures. But it does not remain silent. The concert was recorded on 21.04. and will be broadcast on 23.04. 9.15 pm on MDR Kultur.


In one evening, the Staatskapelle portrays its chief conductor Giuseppe Sinopoli, who died twenty years ago and also left behind an impressive compositional œuvre. The concert traces central stages in Sinopoli’s life: In Italy he received important compositional inspiration from Bruno Maderna and Franco Donatoni, before becoming closely associated with the scene there in Vienna in the 1970s and also gaining his first conducting experience.

Anton Webern  
Chamber Concerto op. 24 / / Pi /
Sabine Kittel, Rafael Sousa, Christian Dolluß, Jochen Ubbelohde, Helmut Fuchs, Jonathan Nuss, Jobst Schneiderat, Michael Schmid, Anya Dambeck

Giuseppe Sinopoli     
“Klangfarben” on a series by Riccardo Malipiero
for string quintet (1970)
Fritz Busch Quartet and Andreas Ehelebe

Bruno Maderna
“Aulodia per Lothar” for oboe d’amore and guitar ad libitum (1965)
Michael Goldammer and Sabine Volkmann-Goldammer

Franz Schubert  
String Quartet No. 10 in E flat major (D87)
Fritz Busch Quartet

Giuseppe Sinopoli
“Numquid et unum” Dedicato a Franco Donatoni for flute and clavicembalo (1970)
Sabine Kittel and Johannes Wulff-Woesten

Franco Donatoni   
“Lem” for double bass solo
Andreas Ehelebe

Robert Schumann 
Adagio and Allegro op. 70 (in the version for piano and violoncello)
Andreas Hecker and Anke Heyn

Giuseppe Sinopoli 
“Numquid” Dedicato a Lothar Faber for oboe family (4 players) and keyboard instruments (1 player) (1972)
Rafael Sousa, Sibylle Schreiber, Volker Hanemann, Michael Goldammer and Jobst Schneiderat

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