In Between: Nature & Culture w/

Pantha Du Prince „Conference of Trees“ & Andrew Pekler „Tristesse Tropique“

An event of the DAVE Festival


Pantha du Prince pres. “Conference of Trees” AV-LIVE (Berlin)

Andrew Pekler pres. “Tristesse Tropique” AV-LIVE (Berlin)

Man, according to philosophers and anthropologists, is the only being on earth that possesses culture and is at the same time rooted in nature. However, since the modern age, man has been forgetting the natural environment precisely through the mechanisation of his living environment. Electronic music, as the term alone suggests, seems to follow this line, and is therefore committed to mechanisation. But appearances are deceptive: numerous artists have dealt with the subject of nature in various ways in recent years. “In Between: Nature & Culture” wants to give these artists a platform to ultimately sensitize visitors to the entanglement in which they are involved as nature-cultural beings. With his “Conference Of Trees”, Pantha Du Prince combines electronic music, traditional and newly created instruments, sound exploration of trees and club culture to create a unique concept that aesthetically negotiates the relationship between mankind and nature and culture. Andrew Pekler, on the other hand, takes up the cultural and socially critical thoughts of the ethnologist and philosopher Claude Levi-Strauss and translates his work “Tristesse Tropique” into an audiovisual work of art in which the organic and the synthetic, nature and culture are dissolved into sound structures. They express the melancholy about the disappearance of the original, which man causes through his presence.

Dave e.V. organises the annual festival for club culture, which has been awarded the municipal sponsorship prize in 2016. DAVE – Dresden Audio Visual Experience – sees itself as a podium to present the local electronic subculture scene in all its diversity.

DAVE thinks club culture differently. Since 2014 the festival has been taking place to break up the everyday life of electronic music in Dresden and to push back its boundaries. It provides for movement and encounters in the Dresden club scene. To this end, DAVE creates electronic soundscapes at familiar but also extraordinary places to bring people together, because Dresden’s club culture is diverse and shines far beyond the city limits.

Electronic Sounds @ HELLERAU on 06.11.
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