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BLACKBOX III – Torus of Revolution | For Ann (rising) – Shiva Feshareki (GB) und James Tenney (Analog Synthesis by Tom Erbe)(US)

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Liquid Architecture Series: Sonic Sculpture in Motion
Revolution no. 1: ‘The Torus of Revolution’ (2020)
Shiva Feshareki (GB)

For Solo Live 360° Electronics and Architectural Speaker Sculpture, 40mins approx.

‘The Torus of Revolution’ is the 1st piece from my Liquid Architecture Series of designed compositions. The speaker arrangement and sound design creates a torus of revolving sound within the space, acting as a highly immersive sonic sculpture.

Whilst the architectural design of the music is fixed, the material within it is composed live, in-the-moment by feeling the living energy of the space, creating a truly three-dimensional composition. An essential element of my work is taking my original electronic and orchestral compositions and electronically transforming them in performance creating a continuous state of motion in my own material through time and place.

Immersive Sound Engineer: Christian Duka

Ambisonic software developer: Serafino Di Rosario and Mario Buoninfante (Auditif)

For Ann (rising) (1969)
James Tenney (Analog Synthesis by Tom Erbe), 10mins

A new ambisonic version of James Tenney’s ground breaking composition – the invention of the Shepard Tone – inside Shiva Feshareki’s speaker arrangement, realised by Shiva and Christian Duka.

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