not to be shifted

Students of the HfM Carl Maria von Weber and the HfBK Dresden

Performance Installation

A cooperation with the Carl Maria von Weber University of Music and the University of Fine Arts as part of TONLAGEN – 30th Dresden Contemporary Music Days with works on the theme of Pause, Silence, Silence.

Silence. Outward calm, inward restlessness. Sometimes we long for a break. Sometimes silence screams at us. Interims and spaces that are filled.
Were full, remain full, become full. The silence is broken, now it’s getting loud again.

Students of stage and costume design and composition (at the Dresden University of Fine Arts and the Dresden University of Music) will be devoting themselves to the themes of pause, silence and stillness as part of the Tonlagen Festival, enlivening the interstices of Hellerau with spatial and sonic works that draw very different conclusions from the experience of these phenomena.

The audience will visit individual venues, interstitial spaces and scenic installations scattered throughout the Festspielhaus, which could challenge them to perceive their own relationship to the various forms of silence.