Meetup: Music and Film in Saxony

2023/24 Bandstand Musik Film Sonderformat
Bandstand 2023, Foto: Christin Nitzsche

WIR GESTALTEN DRESDEN, KREATIVES SACHSEN and POP IMPULS invite you to join the Meetup: Music and Film in Saxony in the Dalcroze Hall. This network meeting is open to all those interested and brings together music and film makers from all over Saxony. Music management companies, labels and publishers will take part, as will film production companies, sound engineers and motion graphic studios.

Colleagues from all film and music genres can get to know each other and exchange project ideas, production conditions, filming locations and forge helpful contacts. With the aim of initiating new projects together and understanding themselves as part of Saxony’s creative industry, bands and solo artists can get to know state-wide directing and camera teams and their different styles.

Vor Ort informieren landesweit agierende Projekte wie KREATIVES SACHSEN und POP IMPULS zu Förderbedingungen und Infrastruktur der Kreativwirtschaft. Fachverbände wie Music S Women* und Filmverband Sachsen stellen Ihre Arbeit und Beratungsangebote vor.

When the local film and music industries work together, phenomenal image and sound combinations are created that can be seen nationwide. These will then be presented on a big screen from 20:00 h at the “LAUT MUSIKVIDEOS GUCKEN – Sachsen Edition” event. Presented by music publisher Anika Jankowski (“Oh, my music!”) and with live video performances by rapper JOCA and TINTED HOUSE.

Entry starts 17:30 h

Cooperation partners: With generous support from ravir film, KREATIVES SACHSEN und POP IMPULS, Music S Women*, Filmverband Sachsen, Klubnetz Dresden, TanzNetzDresden, DAVE-Festival and Filmfest Dresden.

The event is funded by tax revenue on the basis of the budget approved by the Saxon State Parliament.