Kvartira | Квартира – Gespräche (Talks)

Boris Pavlovich

Remaining tickets Kvartira from 1h before VA start at the box office / Waldschänke | German premiere | Russian with translation | public discussion afterwards on 12.01. from 21:30 o'clock | workshop with artists from kvartira 08/09.01.


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One of the most important projects of “Kvartiras” is the performance “Conversations” with the participation of artists* with autism. The piece “Conversations” is the soul and the core of the project “Kvartira”. “Conversations” is a real experiment. The basic principle consists of game modules that connect randomly and make it possible to talk to each other, communicate in different ways, and create a common theatre in the here and now.

The play “Gespräche” was developed to meet people who have a different creative consciousness and different forms of artistic expression. In “Gespräche” a communication space, a new inclusive model of co-creation is created. In addition to the performances, professional actors and actors with autism write and read pieces together, compose songs and music, dance and film.

Following in the footsteps of Leonid Lipavsky’s famous apartment, where the OBERIU artists’ group met in Leningrad in the 1920s for their famous apartment meetings, director Boris Pavlovich created “Kvartira”, a unique place in the Russian theatre landscape, where it was important for the protagonists of “Kvartira” to return to the artistic form of kitchen meetings and endless conversations that were so important for Leningrad and took place in an apartment.

Initiated by the Alma Mater Foundation, this inclusive long-term art project in a former communal apartment (Kommunalka) tried to think and practice theatre differently not only through its open and horizontal concept, but also through the cooperation of actors with and without mental impairment. “Kvartira” was the first such project in Russia. In the meantime, “Kvartira” has become history in the apartment. But the plays are played at different new places. During the festival “Karussell” “Kvartira” stops in HELLERAU.

Boris Pavlovich studied theatre history and criticism at the St. Petersburg State Academy of Theatre Arts, before completing the acting and directing course at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts of the St. Petersburg State Academy of Art (class of G. R. Trostyanetsky), which he completed in 2004. 2006-2013 he was Artistic Director of the State Theatre Kirov. Pavlovich directed in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Saratov, Tallinn, Khabarovsk, Omsk, Sharypov, Kirov and Almaty. The performance “Pianists” by K. Bjornstad, at the Novosibirsk Academic Youth Theatre “Globus”, received the National Theatre Prize “Golden Mask – 2019” in the category “Drama / Small Format”. Boris Pavlovich now works as a theatre director, actor, teacher, director of inclusive laboratories and master classes and is the author of articles on social theatre.

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Kvartira | Квартира – Märchenfabrik
Boris Pavlovich