10.01. – 26.01.2020


Contemporary Positions of Russian Art

HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts is organising a theme festival in January 2020, which presents contemporary Russian positions of theatre, performing arts and music. HELLERAU cooperates with various Russian production sites in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but also outside the metropolises: with theatres, cultural centres, underground venues and festivals. The main focus is on theatre makers, performers and artists of the younger generation. The spectrum ranges from New Drama to music theatre, performances, documentary theatre, installations, films and mediation formats. A special role is played by the Russian-German exchange on artistic and socio-political themes such as the question of the relationship between art and the public sphere, the present of Soviet history and the extent to which contemporary theatrical positions are perceived in the current discourse in Russia not only from an aesthetic but also from a political point of view. Through residencies and artist forums, the festival will offer a platform for the exchange of artists and cultural actors beyond the artistic programme.

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