10.01. – 26.01.2019


Positionen zeitgenössischer Kunst

The Festspielhaus Hellerau is planning a theme festival on Russia that will present the diversity of contemporary Russian theatre, dance and music productions. The focus will be on the question of the relationship between art and the public sphere. Hellerau cooperates with various Russian production venues – theatres, cultural centres, underground venues or festivals – even outside the metropolises. Individual production houses and initiatives will be presented with guest performances and their artistic programmes. The Teatr.doc from Moscow, for example, which for many years was regarded as the documentary theatre of the present, will have a retrospective focus. The Gogol Center Moscow is also to be portrayed within the framework of the festival as a place for contemporary art that deals with current social issues. The festival will also present productions by the newly founded Theatre 18+ in Rostov-on-Don, which is dedicated to contemporary theatre, and the Creative Center Ugol in Kazan, which also focuses on documentary theatre. In the field of music, Hellerau will cooperate with, among others, the Stanislawski Electrotheatre in Moscow, which in recent years has become one of the most important centres and laboratories of contemporary music theatre. Independent young artists and collectives from the fields of documentary theatre, site-specific works and city projects are also invited. Working meetings between Russian and German artists as well as residencies of Russian women artists complete the festival program.

among others: Director: Maxim Didenko (RU), Dimitri Krymov (RU), Mats Staub (CH)
Performance: Konstantin Uchitel (RU), Katrin Reshetnikova (RU), Vera Shelkina (RU), Kristina Petrova (RU)
Composer: Vladaimir Rannev (RU)
Curator: Filipp Vulakh (RU)

Further information will follow.