mit (La) Horde (FR)

The workshop is fully booked. There is a waiting list. Contact us if you want us to put you on it.


La Horde turns up the volume with “To Da Bone” and leaves the stage to young jumpers from the suburbs of European metropolises. In new formations, they compete in dance-like rebellion against the collective fatigue of our present day.
On the Internet it is possible to meet like-minded people of all kinds. The Jumpers with their electrifying leaps to hard 150 beats per minute also form such a community that exists between the digital and the real world. They film their short jump-style sequences and share them with the whole world via YouTube. Freed from the idea of how contemporary dance should be, the dancers* create their own system of recognition and professionalism.

In our workshop, the three members of the Mediekunst collective – Marine Brutti, Jonathan Debrouwer and Arthur Harel – will give an insight into their work and show the participants the techniques of jumpstyle and hardstyle, which belong to the popular dances of the 1990s. With 150 beats per minute, a good mood is guaranteed.