Letter to Mom | Chrysanthemen, Rosen, Astern, Gladiolen

Belarus 2021/22 Installation
Foto: Marina Neprushkina

Letter to Mom Nadya Sayapina

Migration means endless losses and searches, always accompanied by a pile of important and necessary papers. Often they determine and contain the further fate of a person. This is the theme of the performance “Too Many Papers”. It is part of the project “Letter to Mom”, which deals with the stories of people who were forced to leave Belarus and are now building a life in new places. Based on thirty interviews with Belarusian immigrants, the installation presents a documentary look at very different everyday circumstances and attempts to make audible what is difficult to articulate. The performance is accompanied live by the musician Eugene Buldyk.

Chrysanthemen, Rosen, Astern, Gladiolen Marina Naprushkina

In the installation Marina Naprushkina brings together posters, images and objects that understand the human body, but also flowers, as carriers of information. In short text sequences she shows how strongly the protests of 2020 were integrated into everyday life. Real events meet image and video descriptions, which caused an enormous visualization and acceleration of the processes on the streets in the social media.

Marina Naprushkina is a visual artist, activist and writer. In 2007 she founded the Office for Antipropaganda and in 2013 the initiative “New Neighborhood/ Moabit”. Currently she holds a visiting professorship at the University of the Arts and at the Weißensee School of Art in Berlin.

Concept and text by Marina Naprushkina

The installations ( 27.04. – 01.05. ) start on all festival days one hour before the program begins, admission free.