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Amy Bryce (GB)

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I was wondering… Do you wonder … What if the best versions of ourselves are the ones we start out as? The mind of a child is perfectly curious, but it’s not something we get to keep forever.
At some point in your life, maybe you forgot how to lose yourself in your imagination? How to daydream? To wonder? To be silly and free? We at the Kinder Society believe we can go back there if we want – come with us and we’ll show you how!
This is a film adaptation of an opera written by Amy Bryce during her residency with the Stiftung Kunst und Musik für Dresden 2019. The original staged version was designed to use the European Centre for the Arts as a site-specific location for immersive activity, inviting the audience to participate in the operatic scenes as they travelled around the building, making use of every corner, doorway and stairwell.
This production is made in collaboration with Catherine Valve (filmmaker) and performed by Sarah Parkin (Soprano), Rosie Middleton (Mezzo-Soprano) and Maya-Leigh Rosenwasser (Instrumentalist).

More information about Amy Bryce in HELLERAU

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