Gold & Coal

Daniel Kötter/Sarah Israel/ Elisa Limberg (DE)

feat. Kristianne Salcines, Ikbal Lubys, Helena Kobogau, Anna Zett, Hermann Heisig


The performance parkour “Gold & Coal” by Daniel Kötter, Sarah Israel and Elisa Limberg deals with the local and global influences of the mining of raw materials on landscapes and the coexistence of people. Two massive, widely visible interventions are examined in a parallel montage: Timika, currently the world’s largest copper and gold mine in West Papua, Indonesia, and the disused open-cast lignite mining area around Leipzig. Together with the experimental musician Ikbal Lubys, the performer Darlane Litaay, the activist Agustina Helena Kobogau, the visual artist Anna Zett and the choreographer and dancer Hermann Heisig, the audience embarks on an immersive journey through past and present energy landscapes. “Gold & Coal” are part 1 and 2 of the five-part performance series “landscape and bodies”.

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