Feature Ring

with Jens Kuross

Musik 2022/23
Photo: Jens Kuross

Feature Ring is an exciting first encounter. The artists:inside meet the day before the concert, research, jam and work out the repertoire: spontaneous, raw and willing to take risks!

As a punk rocker with training as a jazz drummer, nothing is more obvious than finding oneself in indie-electro. In recent years Jens Kuross has toured with RY X, Howling and The Acid and started several small formats himself. Around the globe he opened the shows of Rhye, Bonobo and Gogo Penguin, until he finally opened himself and landed on his debut album “The Man Nobody Can Touch”. Self – description he can. In his music he wildly mixes what life and touring experience have taught him, hovering between jazz, indie, alternative, pop and electro. With a soft voice, he takes us on emotional excursions and (oops!) a bit of jazzy schmaltz, which goes to the big feelings without being embarrassing.