Feature Ring: Erbstücke Special

Our Guest: Lisa Bassenge (Vocals)


With the title of her new album “Borrowed and Blue” (2018) the German singer Lisa Bassenge clearly shows in which direction her almost insatiable musical curiosity is currently moving: the great treasure of historical blues and jazz songs of the past century. Borrowing has always been part of music, and (re)interpreting, sampling or arranging are essential techniques of musical recreation. Lisa Bassenge demonstrates this impressively: thanks to her unmistakable voice, she creates completely new and discoverable masterpieces even from seemingly well-known classics.

At the age of 16 Lisa Bassenge discovered her love for singing and music. After studying voice at the Hochschule für Musik “Hanns Eisler” in Berlin, she worked with her long-time colleague Paul Kleber in formations such as the Lisa Bassenge Trio, Micatone or the electro chanson project Nylon, toured with various bands and released numerous recordings.

Tip! If you couldn’t get any more tickets for this concert or can’t experience it for other reasons, you get another chance: Fr 17.05. Lisa Bassenge at Jazzclub Tonne