Anna Karasińska (PL)

Polnisch mit deutschen Übertiteln


“A performance of refined simplicity, insanely funny and sometimes touching.” (Gazeta

Fantasia deals with the theme of imagination and theatre as a place where the world of fiction emerges. What makes this unique agreement between the audience and artists* so unique that it makes it possible to create large and small fantasy worlds on an empty stage? What is necessary for us to believe in stage reality? Does fantasy have its limits? Are there things, phenomena, figures that cannot be imagined in theatre? The author is present, but invisible. With her live voice, she leads the actors* through a series of short scenes that combine minimalism and humour. Fantasia brings improvisation and musical text composition together in such a way that the theatre continues in the viewer’s mind.

Anna Karasińska is a director, filmmaker and playwright. Her first play, “Ewelina’s Crying” 2015 at TR Warszawa, was received enthusiastically by critics. Since then Anna Karasińska has worked in various Polish theatres and has been invited to the Interpretacje Festival in Katowice and the Boska Komedia Festival in Krakow.