Lia Rodrigues Companhia de Danças

Tanz 2021/22 Audiodeskription

Lia Rodrigues, one of the best-known choreographers in South America and already several times a guest in HELLERAU, shows with “Encantado” her latest dance creation. The encantados – these are mystical beings, adopted from Afro-American cultures, who create a connection between worlds, materials and beings. The dancers:inside dive into these entities, movements move from body to body, become water, become organisms, animals, plants.

Like many other works, the choreographer developed Encantado in the dance center she founded in the Favela de Maré. While food and vaccinations were distributed to the local population, an energetic dance piece was created in the rehearsal room – the sheets from the local markets that dominate it, in which the homeless people on Rio’s streets wrap themselves at night, become an expression of hope, empathy and vitality.

+ Audience Talk after the show on 07th May

As part of “Come Together.

“Come Together”, as a thematic focus from May to September 2022, shows different artistic positions on the themes of empathy, community, care and social cohesion. The guest performances by Lia Rodrigues and by Dada Masilo in June 2022 will also take place within this framework. The final festival “Come Together ChoreoLab x Stations” is planned for September 2022. Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation.


Lia Rodrigues is one of the most important choroegraphers and dancers in Brazil. After working for many years as a dancer with the French company Maguy Marin, among others, she built up her own company in Rio de Janeiro. Here, in the middle of the Maré, one of Brazil’s poorest favelas, she runs a comprehensive training, education and production center where artistic practice, social responsibility and mutual care are not only goals but necessities. Rodrigues’ works often address the relationship between humans and nature, drawing inspiration from spiritual practices of Brazil’s indigenous population, which she resonates with the urban reality of life.



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