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CYNETART Exhibtion with
Cod Act, Frank Yefeng Wang | Bonaventure, Ewa Justaka, Caterina Barbieri and more

Ausstellung Performance Tanz Diskurs

The lecture performance “Contextor vs. Discoursor” by the two Macedonian artists Jasna Dimitrovska and Dragana Zarevska examines structures and internal power relations in the academic art scene. In a public conversation between Sarah Ulrich and Soraya Lutangu, the music project Bonaventure and its problematization of identity and race will be presented. Bonaventure then connects its African and European roots at the concert, while the Polish artist Ewa Justka traces the concept of materiality in hidden objects with her homemade instruments. At the end of the festival, Italian Caterina Barbieri will develop live polyphonic and polyrhythmic worlds.

programme selection

from 2 pm | Exhibition with Cod.Act, Frank Yefeng Wang, Sangjun Yoo, Stanza, Minh Duc Nguyen, Fabian Kühfuss

2 pm | Ephemerki (Jasna Dimitrovska & Dragana Zarevska) – Contexter vs. Discoursor | Lecture Performance

4 pm | Sarah Ulrich & Soraya Lutangu im Gespräch | Talk

5 pm | Bonaventure | Conzert

6 pm | Ewa Justka | Conzert

6.30 pm | AnnieQuinn© | Caroline Beach & Ian Whalen | Dance

7 pm | Caterina Barbieri | final concert