AI Songwriting Workshop

Workshop online

DIANA is the first AI songwriting contest with an award ceremony. For the first time, the project was implemented in cooperation with the c/o pop Convention 2020. From 2021 it will now take place at international festivals and conferences. Jovanka v. Wilsdorf (concept and co-production) will exclusively give a workshop on creative and playful dialogue between musicians and AI software at Bandstand 2021.

Dance the Algorithm – A warp through the world of Muic AI

In this lecture/workshop, Jovanka v. Wilsdorf will present some state-of-the-art AI-based tools used in composition and production today. In addition to audio examples and practical insights, a small glimpse into the work of exceptional artists from different musical genres who use AI as an inspiration or tool in their work will be given.

How could artificial intelligence fundamentally change the music industry and our creativity?

Experience with AI is not required.
No age restriction.
Previous knowledge of music and production is advantageous.

Free of charge, limited number of participants
Registration at workshop@hellerau.org

Info: www.c-o-pop.de/convention/diana

Jovanka v. Wilsdorf is a Berlin-based musician, artist profiler and songwriter at BMG Rights Management. She toured Europe with her band QUARKS and released 5 albums on Sony Music and Monika Enterprise before becoming a production consultant and artist:inside coach for record companies such as Universal Music and for Musicboard Berlin. Jovanka is also a book author, copywriter (Adidas, Edeka, Coca-Cola) and works internationally on the topics of artistic development, creative writing and AI in music composition and production. She is also the founder of the AI song competition and award show DIANA. In 2020, she joined the board of Music-Women-Germany.