Dancing Grandmothers

Eun-Me Ahn Company

2023/24 Dance Together Tanz Kulturpass

The South Korean choreographer and “Pina Bausch of Seoul” Eun-Me Ahn brings a dancing gathering of all generations to the “Dance Together” festival with her “Dancing Grandmothers”.

In 2010, she traveled to her native Korea to talk to older women in the cities and countryside about dance and capture their movements on film. The result was a very special kind of road movie. In a mixture of folk and electronic music, we see old ladies grooving and swinging in a hairdressing salon, laundrette, supermarket, on the beach or even at a train station. In the work itself, young dancers dance with the grandmothers on a stage and folk songs awaken the fire of the 1960s. Asian kitsch explodes in comic sequences, bright colors and flashy costumes.