CYNETART #stupor #shapeplatform

CYNETART Exhibition with
Cod Act, Frank Yefeng Wang | Contexter vs. Binary Grafiti Club Choir, πTon, KlitClique and more

Ausstellung Performance Tanz

On the opening evening the Binary Grafiti Club Choir sings about the city in binary code text only from zeros and ones. Afterwards, the two Viennese rappers from KlitClique question feminist clichés with their brash stage presence. Meanwhile, Taiwanese performance artist Ya-Wen Fu goes on tour with her new work “Aiming, but where to”, while dancer and choreographer Caroline Beach and photographer Ian Whalen elicit new visual truths from visitors*with els masks. At the same time, this year’s CYNETART exhibition will open on Thursday.

programme selection

from 7 pm| Exhibition with Cod.Act, Frank Yefeng Wang, Sangjun Yoo, Stanza, Minh Duc Nguyen, Fabian Kühfuss

8 pm | Binary Grafiti Club Choir | Stanza

9 pm | πTon |  Cod.Act | Performance

9.30 pm | AnnieQuinn© | Caroline Beach & Ian Whalen | Tanz

10 pm | Aiming, but where to | Ya-Wen Fu | Performance

11 pm | Schlecht im Bett, gut um Rap | KlitClique | Konzert