Parasitic Day

CYNETART #stupor #shapeplatform

CYNETART Exhibition with
Cod Act, Frank Cefeng Wang and more | the guts company, Cod.Act, Caroline Beach & Ian Whalen, Jung an Tagen

Ausstellung Performance Tanz
© Klitclique

On this evening, the forum “Power To Whom – Crowds and Power” will end, in which interdisciplinary artists and activists will examine the body in its socio-political environment. In the evening, the French dancer Guillaume Pires Parada presents the solo performance “Parasitic”. The artist duo Cod.act comes from Switzerland with its sound installation “πTon” and from Vienna the avant-garde project “Jung an Tagen” with a sensational audiovisual show.

Programm selection

from 2 pm| Exhibition with Cod.Act, Frank Yefeng Wang, Sangjun Yoo, Stanza, Minh Duc Nguyen, Fabian Kühfuss

3 pm| Power to Whom – Crowds and Power | the guts company u.a. mit Friederike Landau, Bogomir Dorniger, Chiara Baldini, Roel Wouters, Susanne Scheerer, Billy Bultheel, Sarah Ulrich

9 pm | πTon |  Cod.Act | Performance

9.30 pm | Annie Quinn© | Caroline Beach & Ian Whalen | Tanz

10 pm| Agent im Objekt | Jung an Tagen | audiovisuell