József Trefeli & Gábor Varga (CH)

József Trefeli & Gábor Varga: Creature, Foto: Gregory Batardon

József Trefeli and Gábor Varga have a strong ability to analyse and reinvent traditional dance. In “Creature” they use numerous “props” of this dance as a starting point, such as sticks, whips, masks and costumes. They playfully deconstruct and recycle these traditional accessories and processions to make them relevant to today’s audience. Taking over old things that are meant to be thrown away, deconstructing them, rebuilding them in order to use them anew – this is a wonderful process. It’s not about repairing, it’s about working in a new context. A “Fakelore” of its own emerges, a completely new creature. In 2017 “Creature” was awarded the Swiss Dance Prize.

József Trefeli is Australian by birth with Hungarian roots, a graduate of the University of Melbourne and a former dancer with the Alias Dance Company in Geneva. In 2005 he founded his own company and developed – true to his multicultural background – the virtous handling of different dance styles, performance forms, traditions and influences into his trademark. He travels all over the world with his pieces.