7 songs about Avant-garde/7 pieśni o awangardzie

Komuna Warszawa (PL)

Polish with German surtitles


Avant-garde manifestos are often defined as visions of a better world. But sometimes the same manifestos can also be interpreted as an escape from the wheel of history that strives headlong forwards. The fact is that the avant-garde is always oriented towards the future. The images of the stage aesthetics of the 1920s revive the ideas of the theatrical avant-garde – also in the context of political commitment, the act of destroying theatrical illusions and the direct conversation between the authors* and the audience.

Komuna Warszawa is one of the most important independent avant-garde theatres in Poland, experimenting on the boundaries of the performing arts, video installations and music. In its works based on original texts, the theatre explores important contemporary themes and is constantly on the lookout for new forms of expression and artistic partners*. In addition, Komuna Warszawa is a production house in which the encounter of different art worlds is promoted.