Moving Identities: STICKY Productions (NOR)

November 2023

STICKY Productions (Edginton/Lothe/Olsen/Parsons) is a collective of Queer, female, dance artists based in Norway. Their practice delves into the bodily and the sensitive, the playful and the peculiar. The Current work “OOZE” is an immersive dance performance for adult audiences into the peculiar world of invertebrates, specifically slugs. Using slugs as a metaphor for queerness, this slimy work explores sexuality and gender variance, dissecting the sticky in-betweens of binary categories. Beginning in the habitat of the slug, STICKY Productions follows its slippery journey, learning about its anatomy, sensory experience, courtship reproductive rituals and ecosystem significance.




The artist and performing arts producer Alba T Álvarez accompanies the residency of STICKY Productions as a host artist. She supports the residency process by providing feedback as an outside eye (people who are invited into the rehearsal process of projects and give feedback from an outside perspective without being actively involved as an artist) and connects the artists with the local scene in Dresden.

Alba T Álvarez is a multidisciplinary artist, dancer and producer within the field of performance art who works between Brussels and Dresden. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in dance at the Palucca Hochschule für Tanz, she worked as a dancer and performer for many stage and in situ projects in and around Dresden. Since then she is starting to develop her own artistic practice, which perceives the body as central medium, while integrating film and new media technologies and presenting these in installative spaces.

Website @heyimalba 

STICKY Productions was selected as artistgroup based in Norway for the Moving Identities Residency Programme for 2023-2024.  

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