School Projects in HELLERAU – Teachers report, #1 – 2020

Art to touch “The visits with the girls and boys in HELLERAU are always a special experience because they are always interactive. This goes beyond ‘watching’. Whether we are allowed to talk to the artists again after performances, hold workshops with them or look backstage – this ‘art to touch’ creates moments of sensual experience, in which children discover and understand their world anew.“ Alexandra Starosta Shelter of the 82. Grundschule, Dresden-Klotzsche 

Accepting the Unexpected “HELLERAU is a stimulating place. Tradition and avant-garde are tangibly linked here and can be felt with every visit. Performances of the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company have completely changed our ideas of dance and ballet. We have been able to experience our own movement training, sharpened observation and completely new approaches to increasing expression in workshops with dancers and choreographers in HELLERAU or in our school. And the Geometric Ballet by Ursula Sax and Katja Erfurth has once again opened up a new dimension with its ingenious lighting and outstanding musical accompaniment, this justifies every effort to encourage students to continue to come to HELLERAU in the future despite the long distances involved.“ Gaby Bachmann Johann-Gottfried-Herder-Gymnasium Pirna-Copitz 

Creativity and Movement “In my work as a teacher at the Astrid Lindgren School with a focus on intellectual development, it is natural to address the pupils with all their senses. Everything here is as vivid and lifelike as possible. Creativity and body movement are independent of age and level of knowledge and offer many opportunities to support the development of children and young people. My colleagues and I were able to experience how well this can work for our students outside of school when we participated in the “home sweet home” project in HELLERAU (September 2019) with one of our classes. Here everyone could create their own house, make music requests on the radio and even open up a shop. Simple language, clarity and enough possibilities for everyone to create individually made everyone want to get started.“ Luise Matzat Astrid Lindgren school with focus on intellecutal development