Foto: Micha Kranixfeld

Syndikat Gefährliche Liebschaften | Queeres Land

Queerness and rusticity – that goes together. In “Queeres Land”, a zine with accompanying audio installation, Syndikat Gefährliche Liebschaften develops positions on how to be happy in the country. For decades, zines have been a means of subcultures to make alternative perspectives visible – especially in rural areas. In the audio installation, different voices are blended into an anti-urbanistic meditation in 5 steps: from anger to the hunger of the cities to the matter-of-course queer living in the country.

The syndicate Dangerous Liaisons stages meeting spaces that invite a shift in perspective. Public contact points are created; places for charismatic personalities and dubious knowledge carriers* – from the criminal adult education centre to winter fun in the village.

In 2014, the syndicate was awarded the special prize of the jury of the 100° Festival Berlin (following the submission of a petition). It is based in Quakenbrück and was the residence of the ZwischenZeitZentrale, the Seefelder Mühle, the Explosive! Festival, Schwankhalle Bremen, Landestheater Tübingen, Haus am Wehrsteg (Heidelberg), Tokyo Wonder Site (Japan) and Flausen (Theaterlabor Bielefeld). 2019/2020 the syndicate is part of the Artist Development Program of LOFFT (Leipzig).